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ATEasy is a test executive and a rapid application development framework for functional test, ATE, data acquisition, process control, and instrumentation systems. ATEasy provides all the necessary tools to develop, deploy and maintain software components - including instrument drivers, test programs, and user interfaces, as well as a complete and customizable test executive. It is designed to support and simplify ATE system applications with long product life cycles. With ATEasy, test applications are faster to generate and easier to maintain.

ATEasy’s open architecture provides easy to use access to many industry standard hardware and software interfaces including GPIB, VXI, PCI/PXI, USB, LXI/TCP-IP, Serial Communication, DLLs, ActiveX, .NET assemblies, HTML, VXI Plug&Play Function Panel drivers, IVI drivers, LabView VIs, C Header files and more.

For OEM suppliers of test systems, ATEasy-Lite offers a cost-effective, full-featured, test executive and test development software suite that can be bundled with the supplier's ATE systems. ATEasy- Lite includes ATEasy’s test executive driver but only supports two non-OEM drivers. Additionally, ATEasy-Lite does not offer “.exe” file generation capability. Licensing is software based, with the OEM’s hardware providing the license key. Note that the OEM hardware must always be connected for use with this version of ATEasy. ATEasy-Lite can be upgraded to ATEasy with the purchase of an upgrade option.

Test Executive and Development Studio

  • Software development environment and integrated, customizable Test Executive for execution, sequencing, debugging and fault analysis of tests
  •  Comprehensive simulation capabilities accelerates test program development and deployment
  • User interface generation including form editor, event programming, menus, and controls
  • Open architecture supports external software and hardware interfaces: DLL and C header files, .NET, ActiveX, LabVIEW, Function Panel Drivers, IVI, GPIB, LXI (TCP/IP), VXI, USB, Serial and more
  • Built-in Application Builder generates royalty-free run-time executables (exe files), and libraries (dll files)
  • Cost-effective version (ATEasy-Lite) for OEM applications

ATEasy includes a complete test development suite and a test executive specifically designed for test applications.
The ATEasy development environment combines the ease of Microsoft Visual Basic and the flexibility of Microsoft's Visual C++, object-oriented, Windows programming environment.

3 or 5 Day Training at Customer ATS Engineering Facility

  • 3 or 5 day ATEasy training courses
  • Conducted at Marvin Test Systems' facility or at the customer's facility
  • Includes training materials


Marvin Test Solutions offers 3 and 5 day ATEasy training courses at our facility in Irvine, CA or at your location.
The training course is designed for up to three students. For larger groups, on-site or custom training, please contact our sales department,
additional fees apply for on-site training.

Topics covered in the basic 3 days training course  include:


  • The structure of ATEasy
  • Using the Application Wizard
  • ATEasy's IDE features
  • Test Executive, Profiles and Fault Analysis
  • Programming Language Syntax
  • Module Events


  • The structure of ATEasy
  • Using the Application Wizard
  • ATEasy's IDE features
  • Test Executive, Profiles and Fault Analysis
  • Programming Language Syntax
  • Module Events


  • Forms Controls & Events Programming
  • Using Libraries and External Software
  • The Internal Library, Classes, Procedures and Variables
  • Importing Header Files (.h) and Using LabView
  • Log Customization
  • Creating your Own Test Executive
  • ATEasy Examples
  • Putting it All Together
  • Service & Support

To maximize the ATEasy training experience, our instructor will guide students through 3 days of training that address the key features of ATEasy. The instructor will touch upon each feature and will provide examples using ATEasy. Students will receive hands on instructions using ATEasy to complete exercises for each topic.  As a last exercise, students will build a test executive using the knowledge gained from the training course.

Students who complete the 3 or 5 day course will receive an ATEasy Certificate of Completion.

Marvin Test Solutions also offers a 5 day training course for customers who have purchased a turnkey solution, or are seeking additional consulting services for a specific application.
For more information on the 5 day training course, please contact our sales department.

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