Medalist i1000 Systems



Introducing our latest low-cost and digital-capable Medalist i1000D In-Circuit Test System

Cover Extend Technology (CET) is now supported on the Medalist i1000D. The i1000D only requires a VTEP MUX card to enable CET. If you are already using test fixtures with VTEP MUX cards , you can now implement CET without any fixture modification. Simply add new VTEP probes to devices that were previously not testable. This greatly reduces implementation efforts.

In addition, the mixed signal test mode is now available. Test strategies like digital to analog and analog to digital are now within reach of the i1000D. The mixed tests combine both the analog and digital test sources into a single file, allowing you to see both test source at the same time easily.

With its unique per pin programmable capability, the i1000D has improved its flexibility in supporting a new pin drive test mode. You can selectively control any digital resource on the tester for disabling or preconditioning pins. In short, the pin drive test mode gives you full control of the available digital drivers on the tester, without the need for a digital test library.


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