ATS Engineering offers a variety of Q&R testing options to meet all the requirements in the different segments in the semiconductor industry such as Automotive (AECQ100), Aerospace (SAE), communication (JEDEC), Military (MIL STD) and others. Our highly talented and experience staff will ensure your product's accelerating development and will significantly shorten your product’s TTM.  


High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL) is one of the critical reliability tests of ICs performed on integrated circuits to predict the devices life cycle. The stress test aims at aging the device and triggering potential failures by subjecting the units to elevated temperature, high voltage and dynamic operation for a predefined period of time


Biased and Unbiased HAST Tests, performed within our test facility, provide the customer with a simulated environment that correlates to ambient constraints that the DUT (Device Under Test) may encounter in its end use application.  The tests speed up the qualification procedure that determines the ability of non-hermetically packaged devices, whether encapsulated or sealed, to resist moisture penetration.
Biased HAST subjects the test device to high humidity, high temperature and high pressure within a relatively short time, with additional stress of voltage from an external power supply.


Temperature cycling (or temperature cycle), another environmental stress test to which devices are subjected, induces failures through thermal fatigue.  High rates of change and temperature extremes are simulated by moving the devices between hot and cold air chambers.


Some test standards, such as MIL-STD-883, refer to testing being performed as device samples are placed in liquid baths at varying temperature extremes and in such a way that the flow of liquid around the lots is unobstructed. The device lots are subjected to the defined tests in the liquid environments. 


In the ATS Engineering test facility, Temperature Humidity reliability testing can be performed at all levels of design and production, on individual components or complex systems. Accelerated life testing, on bench top or in environmental humidity chambers, per customer requirements, checks the performance of the electronic device, its coatings, and its resistance to corrosion in constant or variable conditions.


This Test Method provided by ATS Engineering is performed for nonheretical solid state SMDs, representative of a typical industry multiple solder reflow operation. These SMDs should be subjected to the appropriate preconditioning sequence prior to being submitted to specific in-house reliability testing (qualification and reliability monitoring) to evaluate long term reliability.


Part of ATS Engineering's services is dedicated to providing ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) testing at the device level. ESD services provide the OEM manufacturer with better characterization of a component’s susceptibility to electrostatic discharges


OEM’s requiring custom hardware for Reliability tests of ICs or Production tests of IC, testing their electronic components, devices, PCBAs and PCBs find the answer in the ATS Engineering facility.  Our experienced engineering and technical staff provide solutions for multi-sector applications including Semiconductor, Electronics, Defence, Aerospace, Medical and other advanced industries.