ATS Engineering Ltd.

"We Make Your Test Easy, Accurate and Reliable"

ATS Engineering Ltd provides an all-around solution to meet the wide range of customer test specifications and requirements. 

The ATS Engineering facility works with the OEM at all stages – design, development and testing - to qualify electronic devices for end use in industrial sectors including Semiconductor, Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Communication, Electronic and other specialized and advanced Industries.

The ATS Engineering's combination of expertise in the development of test solutions for component characterization and production as well as state-of-the-art ESD, reliability and failure analysis capabilities, produces a competitive advantage for our customers in optimizing end product performance and accelerating time to market.

ATS offers turn-key solutions from customer tape-out to delivery of finished goods to the end customer.

ATS In-house production stages include:

We make your testing easy, and overall, contribute to improving ramp up time, assured quality of new products, better production performance affecting total output and in the end - the bottom line.