The T100L Automatic LED Light Test Equipment provides exceptional performance for LED light testing, eliminating any manual functional tests and meeting manufacturing cycle time. The integrated flying scanner technology acquires and processes intensity and color parameters of each LED light pixel in parallel, resulting in multiple LED characteristics on a single acquisition. https://www.spea.com/en/products/t100l-automatic-led-light-test-equipment/

Watch full video: https://youtu.be/foczVPOunkY

Maximum Adaptability and Low Cost of Manufacturing

Designed to test multiple types of LED light products, the T100L fiberless fixture ensures full adaptability and low cost of manufacturing.

Complete Testing for Any LED Light Technologies

The 448-band wide spectral range flying scanner, with a pixel resolution of 130×130 µm, tests the most advanced LED light and Multi-LED technologies covering a wide array of products.

Ultimate Flexibility for Any LED Light Applications

The number of bands can be set depending on the spectrum of the LED light to acquire and, the wide range of filters finetune the luminous intensity meeting different applications’ scenarios. 

Easy and Repeatable Test Measurements

Giotto‘s innovative software features self-programming capabilities and can generate a production-ready test program from input information (CAD, Datasheet,…) providing easy operations. The extensive library of pre-configured tests ensures ease of use for inexperienced users.

Effective Combination with Automatic Loaders for Faster Time to Market

Built to eliminate downtimes, T100L can work in conjunction with production lines or in stand-alone test cell with automatic magazine loaders and unloaders, eliminating manual handling and ensuring 24/7 operations.

Reduced Bottlenecks with Process Integration

The operating system and on-board smart sensors ensure complete data management, machine control, self-calibration, and adjustment of measurement parameters for enhanced efficiency.