TH2000, Wafer Tester

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/0K_-tZ1kjlo?feature=oembed.

TH2000 is a revolutionary automatic wafer prober which combines double-sided wafer probing capability with comprehensive test resources, including electrical test, HV/HI test, warpage and surface verification, and optical inspection. https://www.spea.com/en/products/double-sided-wafer-prober-spea-th2000/



Fully automatic double-sided wafer prober


Simultaneous double-sided probing and testing

Eight independent axes provide parallel test capabilities, which shorten the overall process time (indexing + test time). Each probe can test a dedicated area of the media in parallel with the others, while a single die can be simultaneously contacted from top and bottom.

Planarity and position compensation

Actual Z-heights are profiled and automatically compensated by each axis, in order to overcome any planarity issue. The exact positioning over the wafer surface is monitored and compensated by roto translation of the wafer, so to adjust as needed.

Fast and precise probing

Hi-Speed Linear Motors with Hi-Resolution Linear Optical Encoders are used on each XYZ axis, to ensure high throughput and best probing accuracy. The system chassis made of natural granite provides high stiffness, excellent vibration damping, thermal stability, to avoid any loss in accuracy due to movement speed and environmental variations.

Gentle contacting

Ultra Soft Touch technology allows TH2000 to contact the most delicate and smallest dies without leaving marks, thanks to a programmable overdrive (down to 1 gram) and controlled motion profiles.