The ONYX 29 combines operating comfort, precision and process automation. Due to the integrated vision-system the precise orientation of components is guaranteed. The multifunctional hot gas heater head can be used for serial processes due to the highly integrated automation features to solder components, to remove components, to site clean (contactless removal of residual solder) and optional as a dispenser for dispensing applications. In addition many unique options for several additional processes are available

Main Features

  • 2000 watt multifunctional hot gas heater head: Solder components, remove components, site clean (contactless removal of rest solder) and
  • optional as a dispenser for dispensing applications, customer specific application upon request
  • All seven axes are motorized, closed loop motion control
  • Manual motion via integrated hand wheels for quick and precise positioning of the hot gas head
  • Automatic and overall process control
  • Up to eight thermocouple ports to control process temperature
  • Large board handling for boards up to 500 x 500 mm
  • Board carrier handles irregular-shaped assemblies without special fixtures
  • Different bottom pre-heaters with a performance of up to 6000 watt with integrated board cooling
  • Automatic closed loop force control of the Z-axis for automatic picking, fluxing, placing and removing processes to protect sensitive parts
  • Closed loop gas flow control from 8 to 80l/min
  • The MFOV system allows viewing components with dimensions up to 75 x 75 mm and enables an excellent adjustment of the image contrast
  • Automatic contactless site cleaning for removal of residual solder with a motorized X/Y/Z-System


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