ONYX 500

The ONYX 500 is the fully automatic version of the well-established and proven ONYX 29 platform. It is a versatile system built for dynamic and automatic rework processes. Its flexible conception and modularity enable an easy processing of the most demanding components.

Main Features

  • Multifunctional hot gas heater head
  • All axes motorized with closed loop motion control
  • Automatic and overall process control
  • Multiple thermocouple ports to control process temperature
  • Closed loop force control of the Z-axis for automatic picking, fluxing, placing and removing processes to protect sensitive parts
  • Closed loop gas flow control from 8 to 80 l/min
  • Automatic contactless site cleaning for removal of residual solder with a motorized X/Y/Z-System

Out of the ZEVAC rework component matrix the system is equipped with traditional, rework specific components, i.e. hot gas head capabilities and configurable options as:

  • Force measurement table securing precise closed loop control of each operations
  • Automatic nozzle changers for soldering/de-soldering, component pick & place and pin print transfer nozzles
  • Dip station for transferring solder paste, silver paste or flux
  • Automatic tape feeders
  • Fixture to hold multiple PCBs
  • Wide range of standard or customized nozzles designed per application requirements

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