3030M IS A MULTI-CORE MULTI-FUNCTION BOARD TESTER: https://www.spea.com/en/products/3030-m/

Key Features

  • -75% test cost with True Parallel Test
  • Multifunction: full test coverage
  • Fully customizable & upgradable
  • Equippable with power instrumentation
  • Automatic test program generation
  • Parallel programming of different-type ICs
  • Easy diagnostic of fixture’s pogo pins via mobile app



Multifunction test capabilities:
100% coverage with 1 system

3030M is the multi-function, fully upgradable and customizable ICT tester, expressly designed to combine full test coverage and the lowest cost of test into a unique manual test equipment. Modular and configurable with a wide range of instrumentation and receivers, 3030M provides 4x throughput compared with standard testers.

SAVE MONEY – Why buy several testers when you just need one? By using 3030Mmultiple test techniques are executed within a unique system. Compared to multiple test stations, benefits are huge: no operator, a single test program, reduced industrial space, faster training and lower operational costs.

SAVE TIME – Test time is greatly reduced by 3030M. First of all, expensive and unnecessary handling operations are avoided. With just one board loading/unloading the tester executes different tests in a optimized way, in order to avoid redundancy and over-test of your product, thus allowing you to save precious time. And what about programming multiple devices? With 3030M and Leonardo OS you just need a few minutes to generate your multi-function test program.

SAVE FIELD RETURNS – 3030M has been designed to help electronics manufacturers to boost their product quality. By executing various test techniques with the same tester used for ICT, all risks related to subsequent handling operations are avoided. At the end of the test the product is ready to be delivered to the final customer.

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