Ultra-High Parallelism In-line Board Tester

SPEA T300 Board Tester is an unprecedented and unique architecture board test system that supports up to 32 parallel In-Circuit Test cores with additional capability of 256 cores for Flashing and Functional Test. This enables the T300 Asynchronous Parallel Architecture to perform tests and Flash in parallel up to 32 PCBAs (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies). https://www.spea.com/en/products/t300-in-circuit-tester/.


Programmable as Single or Dual Test Site

T300 can be programmed to operate as a Single Test Site or Dual Test Site.

Single Test Site allows for testing of a single panel of boards for ICT, Flash Programming, and Functional test.

Dual Test Site allows for testing of two panels of boards at the same time for ICT, Flash Programming, and Functional test. In order to double the throughput, the system is capable of performing a Split Test, such as, ICT in site 1 while simultaneously performing Flash Programming and/or Functional test on site 2.

Operatorless Testing

T300 can be configured in several Automatic Operating Modes that do not require the presence of the operator:

  • In-line Input – In-line Output
  • Rack Input – In-line Output [1]
  • In-line Input – Rack Output [1] [2]
  • Rack Input – Rack Output [1] [2]

[1] Robot rack loading as option
[2] Pass-Fail selection as optio

n-Circuit Tester connected to the digital ecosystem

T300 can exchange information, notifications and commands with the Industry 4.0 environment and the digital ecosystem.

The tester’s internal sensors monitor the state of the environment, the wearing parts, the moving parts, the pneumatic circuits, the internal and external power supplies in order to:

  • support the predictive maintenance
  • intercept defects that will cause malfunctions
  • estimate the remaining life of components

The T300 is conceived for long-lasting and intensive use in production as well for easy and quick maintenance.

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